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In late 2004, my friend Waltraud Musy of Berlin, Germany, was kind enough
to send me a pair of BIG, BEAUTIFUL black japanese Harlequns ("Japaners"
in Germany).  These rabbits have excellent type, fur, and color, and have
been throwing me wonderful young!  They are also homozygous black japs
(meaning there are 100% black japs on their pedigrees, and they do not
carry any recessive colors) since in Germany there are no other recognized
colors, and Magpies are considered a different breed!  
Then, just this last fall (2006), Waltraud was kind enough to send me a pair
of does, one of which was bred!  I now have 4 imported 100% German black
japs, all homozygous! I also have 4 bunnies born from the bred doe (also
100% German), and a brand new litter of seven 100% German babies!          
About Us
Who am I?
My name is Monica Spooner.  I am  27 years old.  I
have always loved critters. I have had rabbits since
8th grade.
Why Harlequins?
As a kid I had a few pet rabbits.  The bug bit me
when I saw some mismarked Harlequins in a pet
shop a few years ago.  It was love at first sight.  I
have dabbled some in other breeds, but none
compare to the Harlequin for me.
What we do at Checkerboard Rabbitry
I am dedicated to raising the best Harlequins ever.  I
have even gone through the hoops of importing to
improve my stock.  I work hard to improve my rabbits-
you CAN raise good Harlies by using your head!
Checkerboard Rabbitry