Any rabbits purchased from Checkerboard Rabbitry come
with a one week health guarantee.  If any illness, genetic or
infectious, is found in a rabbit within one week of buyer
taking possession, the rabbit will either be replaced with
another rabbit of equal or lesser value (as determined by the
seller), or money paid will be refunded to the buyer.  This
guarantee does NOT cover acts of god, accidents, etc.  
Rabbits are guaranteed at the seller's discretion and
determination. (For example- the seller would determine if a
rabbit had geneticly bad teeth, or ruined its teeth by pulling
wire- the first is covered, the second is not). The seller may
decide at any time what is, or is not, covered by the
At times rabbits may be offered for sale which are not yet
weaned, or which cannot be obtained by the buyer until a
later date.  In these instances a deposit must be paid by the
buyer in order for the seller to "hold" the rabbit until the buyer
parties. The deposit will usually be for the entire amount
asked for the rabbit.  At the seller's discretion, the deposit
might be less, especially if the rabbit is not to be held for a
long period of time. ALL rabbits belong to the seller until such
time as the seller is BOTH paid IN FULL and transfers
(verbally and physically) possession of the rabbit to the
buyer.  The seller may treat the rabbit completely as her own
until that time.  
The seller may show, breed, tattoo,
or do anything else in the normal course of
events with the rabbit
.  If a buyer should for any
reason discontinue a business transaction after the deposit
has been paid, the deposit is not refundable unless
determined so by the seller.  If the seller must discontinue the
business transaction for any reason that is the sole fault of
the seller, the deposit will be refunded in full to the buyer.
I will ship if the buyer so desires, at the buyer's own risk.  The
buyer will assume ALL costs involved.  
Checkerboard Rabbitry